Irish Currency Commemoration


This series of notes was the outcome of a limited competition held in 1991 in which nine Irish Artists were invited. The winner and designer of the series was Robert Ballagh. This series of notes had denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100, no Irish pound note was designed as the currency had a coin of this value since 1990. This series was introduced at short notice, with the 20 being the first to be issued, following widespread forgery of the Series B 20 note. The last banknote of the Series C issue was a 50 that was issued in 2001.
The theme for this series was people who contributed to the formation of a modern Ireland, and to this effect it includes politicians, a language, a literary and a religious figure. The political figures do not include anyone directly associated with the Irish War of Independence, which eventually led to the creation of the Irish Free State,as this might have proved controversial both because of the war itself and its aftermath, the Irish Civil War.
These notes were the last Irish notes before the induction of the Euro in 2002

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Size: 336mm x 491mm  (13 1/4″ x 20″ approx.)

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