Pirate, chieftain, gambler, noblewoman, traitor, mercenary, all are terms that have been applied to Granuaile, none without some justification. She was born as the English king Henry VIII implemented his “surrender and re-grant” policy over Ireland and died as Hugh O’Neill and Hugh O’Donnell were defeated and with them the last hopes of an Ireland free from England. That she lived to be over seventy in that turbulent period that ended an era is a tribute to the strength of character and reason she must have possessed. The tale of Gr�inne Ni Mh�ille, known as Granuaile (pronounced Granya Wale) or more simply, Grace O’Malley, as she is most widely known today, begins nearly 500 years ago along the shores of Clew Bay on the rugged western coast of Ireland in what is today County Mayo. Born in 1530, she was the only daughter of Owen Dubhdara ( Black Oak ) Ni Mh�ille (O’Malley) and his wife Margaret. Dubhdara was chieftain of the territory of Umhall, the Barony of Murrisk, on the west coast of Ireland. The O’Malleys are a seafaring clan and our association with the sea reaches back to pre-history. The family business was trading of clan produce including salted fish and beef, hides, tallow and cloth, between Ireland, Scotland and Spain… well as a bit of the time honored art of piracy and plunder thrown in for good measure.

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