Croke Park 1938


You have just feasted your eyes on one of the best photographs even taken of Croke Park if not ‘the’ best. This panoramic view of the stadium was taken on September the 25th. 1938. It is a photograph steeped in history and nostalgia. Not alone does it possess a stadium structurally extinct but far beyond the stadium pieces of a city which have fallen foul to the progress of man. This photograph is not primarily about the two teams contesting the All-Ireland Final who happened to be Kerry and Galway which ended in a draw, Kerry 2-6 Galway 3-3. Galway won the replay 2-4 to 0-7. It is rather about a moment in time captured by the excellence of photography. As one man said “One could not go to Croke Park today and take this picture”. (Print is sent with text and not with the ivory mount as in the image)

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Image Size:  1070mm x 300mm  Print Size: 42” x 11 3/4” approx.

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