Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh: The Sound of Sunday


Think of Micheál O Muircheartaigh and you do think of Sunday – every Sunday of every brilliant exciting GAA season. This special DVD not only includes the life story of an Irish broadcasting legend but also provides you with Micheal’s Top GAA moments filmed exclusively for this DVD.

THE FILM – The Sound of Sunday
This IFTA award-winning documentary follows Micheál O Muircheartaigh through the championship summer of 2006 while accompanying him on a walk down memory lane. We learn of his early life, witness the meticulous preparations for RTE Sport, see his close family at first hand, see his easy rapport with players and officials alike and absorb his raw passion for the people and games of the GAA. This is the story of one man and a voice that is associated with the championship summer for generations.

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