On the DVD – Footage from
All-Ireland Finals 1947-1959
1947 Cavan v. Kerry
1948 Cavan v. Mayo
1949 Meath v. Cavan
1950 Mayo v. Louth
1951 Mayo v. Meath
1952 Cavan v. Meath (inc. replay)
1953 Kerry v. Armagh
1954 Meath v. Kerry
1955 Kerry v. Dublin
1956 Galway v. Cork
1957 Louth v. Cork
1958 Dublin v. Derry
1959 Kerry v. Galway
GAA Football Gold is a must for all fans of Gaelic Games. This compilation released by the Irish Film Institute includes rare footage of
some of the greatest Gaelic football players ever, including nine of the GAA’s Gaelic Football Team of the Millennium: Kerry stars Dan O’Keefe, Joe Keohane, Seán Murphy and Mick O’Connell; Cavan legend John Joe Reilly; Mayo’s ‘Mighty’ Tommy Langan and Seán Flangan; Dublin’s Kevin Heffernan; and Galway’s Seán Purcell
See the last All-Ireland victories of Cavan, Mayo and Louth and the famous wins of Dublin, Galway, Kerry and Meath in the 1950s.
Also included on this DVD is the legendary and rarely seen 1947 match between Cavan and Kerry which was played in the New York polo grounds. Filmed by the National Film Institute (now the IFI), these matches are preserved by the IFI Irish Film Archive and this compilation is the fi rst time they have been available to the public.
The films capture a different era of gameplay and some of the greatest football players in GAA history such as Galway’s Frankie Stockwell and Seán Purcell, Cork’s Denis “Toots” Kelleher, Dublin’s Kevin Heffernen, Kerry’s Mick O’Connell and Seán Murphy; and Cavan’s Peter Donohoe, P.J Duke and John Joe O’Reilly. The DVD includes wins for Kerry, Meath, Dublin, Mayo and Galway as well as a golden era for Cavan football with three wins and a rare All-Ireland victory for Louth.
The extraordinary atmosphere at Croke Park is well documented with capacity crowds being swelled by fence-jumpers, roof-walkers, canine pitch invaders, Bishops, Presidents and Taoisigh. The finals were occasions of huge national significance, the political and religious pageantry of the era are prominently highlighted while the footage of supporters arriving in Dublin and families gathered around the wireless back home provide priceless records of the social history of the time. Much of the commentary is provided by the legendary Michael O’Hehir who’s infectious passion for the game and humourous style more than cover any hiccups in the emerging technology.
The films have been painstakingly remastered and digitised by the staff of the IFI Irish Film Archive, who preserve the original film reels in their climate-controlled vaults.

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