GAA Centenary Football Team


The Football Team of the Century was chosen as part of the Gaelic Athletic Association’s centenary year celebrations in 1984 to comprise, as a fifteen-member side divided as one goalkeeper,, three half backs, two midfielders, three half forwards and three full forwards, the best football players of the first one hundred years of the Gaelic Athletic Association. The players on the team were nominated by Sunday Independent readers and were selected by a panel of experts and former players.
The Team selected are as follows: Dan O’Keeffe (Kerry), Enda Collerann (Galway), Paddy O’Brien (Meath), Sean Flanagan (Mayo), Sean Murphy (Kerry), John Joe Reilly (Cavan), Stephen White (Louth), Mick O’Connell (Kerry), Jack O’Shea (Kerry), Sean O’Neill (Down), Sean Purcell (Galway), Pat Spillane (Kerry), Mike Sheehy (Kerry), Tom Langan (Mayo), Kevin Heffernan (Dublin).

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