Croke Park Lives / Blowing The Whistle


AS seen on TV
On the pitch a ferocious battle for Sam Maguire.
In the stands 82,000 spectators cheer and weep.
Behind the scenes 2,000 people make the epic event happen.
They cook, steward, serve and police, pump up the balls and prepare for the pitch invasion. They race around, stay cool in the face of emergency and occasionaly lose the rag. And they tend the field of play as if it was the most precious surface in the world.
This exclusive view of Croke Park, Ireland’s premier sports stadium, takes us into a hidden world never seen before.
Blowing The Whistle.
This is an award winning documentary which looks at the trails and tribulations of 2 top class Gaelic Football referees as they proceed through the All Ireland Championship season. The referees under the microscope of the camera are Pat McEneaney and Michael Curley.
“You could smell the blood, sweat and tears in the highly crafted and often very funny portrait of men under pressure. Great stuff”. The Irish Times.
Made with the approval of Croke Park, it hitches a ride with McEneaney and Galway’s Mick Curley through the ’99 football season.

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